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Агроусадьба Павлинка Баня усадьбы Павлинка Усадьба Павлинка, агротуризм


Estate «Paulinka» is well situated geographically, because village «Chernawchitsi» is 10 km far from Brest in the direction of «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» and from «Paulinka» to «Belovezhskaya Pushcha» is only 35 km.

Huge part of territory on the outskirts of the village, it is quiet and cosy there, cars drive by very seldom, on the opposite side is situated an ennobled area with lots of acacias and other plants. In summer you can hear bird-singing everywhere. Here is also situated a big old millstone that is used as the table for rest.

The house that we offer to our guests is situated on the same area with owner’s house. However our guests feel comfortable and independent. They have their own lawn and grill. The guest’s house was built in 2009 using modern technologies. There are all facilities in the house, it is furnished with stylized artificially aged natural furniture. Although the house is not very big (78 sq. m), it is very functional. It has kitchen with dinner-room, three bedrooms, two toilets, and shower. According to guests’ choice, they can cook for themselves.

Absolute favorite of our agribusiness is the Russian bath that sides with guest’s house. It is really advantage, because guests can move free from their rooms to bath. The bath is equipped with modern Finnish woodstove that allows to reach temperature of 100 Celsius degree during one hour. There is also a big table with benches, where guests can drink tea. When streamed guests leave the bath, one unexpected surprise is waiting for them – bucket full of cold water. Pull the chain and … such freshness and cheerfulness!!!

Starting our family agritouristic business, we have focused on high quality of service and comfort. If you come specially or by chance, you will not be disappointed and you will look forward to come again. We are always glad to see our guests!


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